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Our Market Trip - Spring 2019

We are foodies. If you know us, you know that our Market trips include a lot of windshield time, oysters on the half shell, and lots AND LOTS of COFFEE. I mean we are getting in +10k steps... I feel like we earned that cheesecake. 

 Have you ever looked at something...say an art piece, an outfit, or a room.... and your eye has absolutely no idea where to look because there is just TOO MUCH!! Well.... that's what Market has been like for us in the past... trying to define your style in a sea of EVERY. SINGLE. STYLE. imaginable... and we just felt like we weren't in the right place... UNTIL NOW!! 

This time at Market was AAAHH-MAZ-ING. We found "our people," if you will. WE met the coolest reps and found some great pieces that fit the Barn Babe style.

Western. Fun. Sensible...and most importantly COMFORTABLE.

We are so excited for this coming year. YEAR 2 is quickly approaching.


Jenn & Hollie